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Mrs. Snow - Eighth Grade

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Mrs. Snow

1st period 8th Language Arts
2nd period Language Arts
3rd period Language Arts
5th period Language Arts
7th period Broadcast Journalism
8th period Writing in Cheer

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Biographical Information

I teach 8th grade Language Arts and  I love what I teach.  I have a passion both for the subject matter and for the age range of my students. Being an adolescent can be tough; I try to make it just a little easier. I try to be sure I'm being firm but fair, rigorous yet reasonable. I strongly support the efforts of Character Counts in my classroom. I set high expectations for all of my students, and they often exceed those expectations.

Besides teaching language, I am also the 8th grade spelling bee coach and a point of contact for conflict resolution for the students.

Language Arts

Eighth grade language arts is a fun and busy class for students. We do many activities to expand the students' knowledge and abilities in the areas of writing, spelling, editing, listening, speaking, and reading. Once a week we are the Editor-in-Chief, as we edit paragraphs for errors in areas including content, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization. We also act as political lobbyists, taking on a social issue and then writing to persuade others to accept our view. We address the writing genres of narrative, biography/autobiography, research reporting, responding to literature, argument essays, letter writing, poetry, technical documents, and short stories throughout the course of 8th grade.

Our district adopted spelling and writing texts are aligned to the eighth grade
Common Coe  Standards, as is all classroom instruction. Additionally, since this is a language classroom, we work on using proper speaking skills, including correct word selection, polite language, manners, and behaviors.


Reading in the 8th grade is taught at the level of the students' abilities, so instruction will vary from class to class, but it is based on the same scope and sequence. However, all lessons are designed and focused around the Common Core Standards for reading in the 8th grade, and include requirements such as reading one million words by the end of the year, learning units such as Literary Terms and Idioms, author studies, book reports every three to four weeks, vocabulary expansion, higher level questioning, inference, character evaluation and development, and plot evaluation for theme, author's purpose, and much more. Regular diagnostic testing and oral reading evaluations allow for determination of adequate student progress. The textbook used is from the District adopted series, and is supplemented with acceptable library books, short stories, news articles, and core literature units.




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