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Language Arts

 7th Grade Language Arts and Reading

                                                     Mr. Tashima, Room 45

Class Description

            7th grade language arts and reading follows the California Common Core Standards as a guide for our curriculum.  The focus will be on vocabulary, reading comprehension, literary analysis, writing strategies and application, and writing conventions. We will be using the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt series to improve reading skills. The program will help assess reading levels, diagnose problems, teach strategies, apply skills and re-teach skills when necessary. The students will also complete at least one book report each trimester.  The Close Reader text and app will be used as a tool for reading.  Vocabulary and spelling will be assigned weekly from their spelling textbook (Houghton Mifflin).  Writing will follow the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt curriculum.  The main writing focus for each trimester is the following: trimester one - narrative writing, trimester two - informational writing, and trimester three - argumentative writing.  Students will also use a composition book to complete journal writing every week.  They will carry their composition book with them. 


            Students are expected to be on time to class and have the necessary supplies to participate. (See the Standards of Behavior for detailed description)


 All student grades will be determined by the total number of points received  from their tests, written assignments, class work, and homework. 

            50%      Tests,essays, projects

            30%      Classwork

            20%      Homework

Students will receive an F grade for missing assignments or tests.  Students will be able to make up missed assignments or tests. Students can make up assignments for full credit if the absence is excused.


All students are expected to participate fully and work cooperatively with their group members. Students must show respect at all times for the teacher and their fellow classmates.  Remember to demonstrate respect by doing the following:


  1. Never interrupt the teacher during a lesson or discussion.  Raise your hand and wait.
  2. Never interrupt another student who is answering or discussing a topic.
  3. Avoid using any remarks that are derogatory (put down someone)  Never use racist, sexist or profane language.
  4. Make positive comments when responding to another student or teacher.
  5. Use the bathroom pass when given permission


Students who do not follow the Standards of Behavior will receive the following consequences:


  1. Verbal warning
  2. Student/teacher conference
  3. Lunch detention
  4. Parent contact
  5. Parent/teacher/student conference

Personal Information

     This is my tenth year teaching at Akers Elementary as a 7th grade language arts teacher.  We will be using the new reading adoption this year from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.  While I look forward to implementing it this year, it will be integrated slowly in the first trimester to adjust to the new technology.  My elective classes first trimester are journalism and 7th grade volleyball.  Second trimester my electives are journalism and 7th grade girls basketball.  My third trimester electives are journalism and track. 

Before I taught at Akers Elementary, I taught high school English at Coalinga High School.  I was a teacher in Coalinga for twelve years before I finally made the switch to Lemoore for Akers. 

I was born and raised in Los Angeles and many of my family members still reside there.  My wife Gina and I have three very active boys: Max, Alec, and Drew.  Our family dog is a golden retriever named Ace. 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to teach your children.  I love what I do and I believe it is important to teach each child the importance of reading and writing properly.  I also believe it is important to be a positive influence (not only to my children) but to every child I teach in 7th grade and I hope I can help give each student a successful experience that will last a lifetime. 

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