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Welcome to Akers eighth grade math!! My name is Chris Holdbrooks and I will be your child’s math teacher.  I am looking forward to an awesome 21-22 school year. This will be my nineth year teaching 8th grade math.

A few notes about myself. I served 23 years and 6 months in the U.S. Navy. I have three children and have moved numerous times. Therefore, I have a great understanding of what your child’s Navy experience entails. My wife of 35 years had been a teacher for the last twenty years, and I was involved in her classroom each of those years.


This year, your child will develop new math skills based on the Common Core Standards for Eighth Grade, as well as demonstrate mastery of previously taught math skills. My goal is for the students to build upon their basic math skills, beginning algebra skills and geometry skills. They will accurately compute and solve problems using each of those domains.

Your child will apply their knowledge to statistics and be introduced to probability. They will understand the concepts of mean, median and mode. In addition, they will learn how to calculate the range of a data set. They will analyze data and look for a possible bias or misleading conclusion. 

By the end of the year your child will conceptually understand algebraic proportions, how to set up functions, solve problems associated with right triangles and compute distance on a Cartesian plane. They will compute percentages, and use this knowledge to solve issues that arise in daily life.

All students will cover geometry. This will include problems such as what is pi and the formulas for volume of cones and cylinders. They will use letters for numbers in formulas involving geometric shapes and in ratios to represent an unknown part of an expression. Finally, students will single, two-step and multi-step linear equations.

Your child's schedule on Wednesday's will be:
1st Period 8:00- 8:35
2nd Period 8:38 - 9:13
3rd Period 9:16 - 9:51
Break        9:51 - 10:01
4th Period 10:04 - 10:39
5th Period 10:42 -11:17
6th Period 11:20 - 11:55
7th Period 11:58 - 12:33
Lunch 12:33 - 1:00

The schedule on regular days will be as follows:
1st Period 8:00 - 8:50
2nd Period 8:53 - 9:43
Break         9:43 - 9:53
3rd Period 9:56 - 10:46
4th Period 10:49 - 11:39
5th Period 11:42 - 12:32
Lunch        12:32 - 1:17
6th Period 1:20 - 2:03
7th  Period 2:06 - 2:50

If you need to contact me for any reason please don’t hesitate to e-mail me at the following address:

[email protected]

All in all, it will be a year of excitement and tremendous growth for your child. Finally, all your child’s homework assignments will be posted each Monday for the week at the following address:

8th Grade Homework Website

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