Mrs. Jipson - First Grade

Grade Level: First Grade 
Room: 20

About the teacher: I have been teaching for several years. When I started teaching I was a PE specialist.  For the last 22 year I have been a first grade teacher. I have had the pleasure of working with many different students and their families. I have enjoyed watching their student’s grow over the years. It always surprises and humbles me when I get an email from former students. I have also had the pleasure of teaching many siblings as well as the children of former students. Yes I have been at Akers that long!

I am a grandmother of 3 and I enjoy spending as much time as I can with my family. We go to the beach as often as we can. I love cooking, a good cup of coffee and a book to read. I am a collector of books, stories and fond memories of children.

Discipline: I like to run a very structured classroom. I believe that children need clear guidelines and expectations academically and behaviorally. My goal is to help children develop self-discipline and self-control. I use a card system to help students monitor their behavior. This serves as a visual reminder for the student. Varying rewards are given to students through out the year.
Academics: Student learning is of the utmost importance. My job is to teach your child at their level so that they can become successful and confident student learners. I expect all students to come to school ready to learn. In turn I come to school ready to teach. Our year is divided into unites that are based on the Common Core. A great deal of our day is spent on teaching reading, math, and writing. Without a strong foundation in these core areas students will not be successful in other curricular areas. This year we are implementing ExCel reading. Our reading time for ExCel is 8:15 – 9:15. It is very important that your child is here everyday and on time. Please try to schedule appointments around this time so that your child does not fall behind. I am very excited that we will have access to iPads we will work on many apps that will allow students to become successful 21st century learners.

Homework: Students should have about 20 minutes of homework a night. Ten of the 20 minutes should be spent on reading. Distar reading homework will be sent home nightly according to the individual student levels and should be counted as part of their 10 minutes of reading. The other ten minutes is used to practice concepts learned in class. This gives the parents an opportunity to become familiar with what they student is doing in the classroom. If your child is struggling to finish their homework please contact me so that we can make modifications.

Questions: Please contact me Monday – Friday between 7:30 - 4:00 at 998-5707 ext. 2320