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Mrs. Holdbrooks - Kindergarten

Mrs. Holdbrooks - Kindergarten

This year your child will complete one of the most important milestones in his/her life – their first grade level in school! I understand you and your child may have met this time with excitement or apprehension (maybe a little of both). What an exciting and challenging time this must be for both you and your child. He/she is growing and learning and you are supporting and letting go at the same time. My job is to help with this transition. I love teaching children and am looking forward to planting the seeds of lifelong learning! In my classroom, every child is a “shining star” and I am excited to do my part to help him/her achieve his/her full potential.

My name is Sherry Holdbrooks and I am thrilled to welcome your child to the beginning of their educational career in Kindergarten. Our class is fortunate to have two teachers, Mrs. Rice and myself, splitting a contract.  This works out beautifully for our students since our times overlap giving us time to collaborate and brainstorm about how to help our students to be more successful! With two teachers in the room your child will have twice the fun!

I would like to take to tell you a little bit more about myself. Having been a Navy wife for 20 plus years, I understand firsthand the joys and challenges that Navy life can have on a family. My husband and I successfully raised our own children while he progressed through his Navy career.  While it wasn’t always easy, we made the most of it while staying close to our children who are now successful adults! I am a graduate of Old Dominion University with a degree in Child Psychology and Counseling. Later, I earned a Masters in Teaching Early Childhood Education from Norfolk State University and have taught Early Childhood classes at the college level for Central Texas College. In addition, I hold a Cultural Diversity & Language Certificate that has equipped me to meet the needs of bilingual students and I stay current on educational practices.

I have worked with children my entire adult life. Prior to teaching, I was in charge of the Family Child Care program and the Child Development Centers at the Naval Station in Rota, Spain. When my daughter was younger, I ran a preschool in my home. My passion is being a positive role model for students and I enjoy the challenges and rewards from helping them to grow. I love a kindergarten child’s energy and enthusiasm for learning!

In our classroom, we have several systems integrated into our day to help manage student behavior. This involves clips, table points and daily stickers for demonstrating their best work.  Children receive and a daily folder that allows open communication between the teachers and families. Please be sure to check it daily for notes from school and I will be sure to check it for notes from home. 

A good parent-teacher relationship is necessary to maximize school success and I hope to be on a personal level with every family of a student in my classroom. Please take time to read the notes your child will be taking home throughout the year. We will send a homework packet of hands on activities at the beginning of the year, a hands on monthly homework checklist each month and weekly sight words for your child to practice. I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. The school number is 998-5707 or you can call me at the cell number that I provided. You can also send me a note in the communication folder or probably the best method is to e-mail me at sholdbro@central.k12.cu.us. I check my e-mail daily and you can usually expect a response within one day.

I hope you get involved with our class! We need many parents to volunteer in our room.  Parent volunteers help the classroom run smoothly and allow us to do more small group activities.  Please plan to attend a parent volunteer training session as soon as possible so that you can join in the classroom fun!    

The California Common Core State Standards are here and in full swing.  Our curriculum design has changed as we create lessons that are deeper in knowledge... ultimately preparing the kids for the 21st century, college and careers!  With this in mind, our kindergarten program is an all day program which allows us to go “deeper’ into our units. You will be amazed at some of the science and social studies topics your child will delve into in kindergarten.

Reading Mastery has been a very successful reading program for the Central Union District for over three decades. Our kindergartners learn to decode words through this strong phonics program and will leave kindergarten as readers! We supplement our Reading Mastery program with “Wonders”, which adds leved appropriate stories, vocabulary, story retell and other components that we use to enrich our curriculum. Distar Spelling is used to teach spelling skills which will lead into the students writing their own stories. By the end of the academic year, students will become authors and will be able to write expository text, opinion and narrative stories.

Our nation has transitioned into Common Core, and we were at the forefront transitioning as well. This is an exciting time in education and we are embracing the changes as we continue to guide our students to reach their full potential! Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Music, and Art are integrated throughout the kindergarten lessons. P.E. is integrated daily into our kindergarten curriculum and students have Physical Education with a certified P.E. teacher once a week.

I know that as a parent, you want to help your child to succeed, Take a look at documents and useful links for more information including practice sheets for tested skills that you can have your child practice!  

As you can probably tell, I really enjoy my job and love teaching 5 and 6 year olds.  Having taught kindergarten in Florida, Virginia, and California since the millennium, I can say without a doubt, “I love this age group!” I am enthusiastic about this school year and can’t imagine doing anything else! There is nothing better than teaching Kindergartener’s to become readers and writers for the first time and helping to instill a love of learning in them so they can be academically successful. If you have any concerns or unanswered questions, contact me and we can work out an appointment time or if is very important, call me at home. I am looking forward to sharing this school year with you and your child and I look forward to our journey together! Every child is a Star and I can’t wait to see yours shine! I would like to thank you for allowing me to be a part of their journey!


Mrs. Sherry Holdbrooks        

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Tips For A Happy Kindergartener

Welcome to Kindergarten!

1. Our class hours are 8:00-2:10. Try to send your child so that he/she arrives no more that fifteen minutes before class time. When children arrive, they are to enter the kindergarten playground.  Your child will be dismissed at the front door.

2. Send your child to school in clothes for active learning.

3. Print names on all clothing that your child might take off at school.

4. Please keep your child home when he/she is ill. He/she will recover more quickly and will not infect others. When returning from an absence, please send an e-mail or note about their absense.

5. Occasionally your child will bring home duplicated notes about special class activities or information from the principal. Please read them! Please check backpacks for notes and homework daily-including Friday.

6. If you wish to provide a treat for the class on your child's birthday, please make arrangements with me in advance.  Birthday treats for the class may not contain food.

7. Mothers, fathers, grandparents, or guardians are wanted and needed to help in class. Please see me to  sign up for a weekly hour of fun. If you cannot help regularly, you can make arrangements to help on a day that is beneficial to all. Plan to visit the classroom at least twice during the year.

8.  Mrs. Rice and I will request a conference concerning your child at the end of the first trimester and possibly other times during the year. Any time you have a question or need a conference, feel free to e-mail me at sholdbro@central.k12.ca.us call for an appointment. You will need to leave your name and phone number.

We have an academic program. Your child will learn many things this year including the following:

reading, writing and mathematics are the basis of our academics
counting and writing to 20
name printing in D'nealion print
alphabet letters & sounds
addition and subtraction to & from 10
write simple sentences and stories
write expository, narrative, and opinion papers

Some other things your child will study:

school helpers
safety rules
how to be a bucket filler
weather and seasonal facts
the water cycle
properties of matter
life cycle of plants
life cycle and facts about many animals
good nutrition
holidays and celebrations

The magical age of five is a time of wonder and questions, a time of curiosity and getting into things. It is energy beyond belief, a time of quick sorrow and much laughter.

Some of the general objectives for the children are that they will learn:

to follow instructions
to express themselves creatively
to care for their own needs
to cooperate with their teachers and playmates
to be helpers
to be good citizens

In addition to food, shelter, and clothing, people need fun, success, and love. So laugh with your child every day, tell him/her that you like something he/she has done, and tell your child that you love him/her every day.

Sherry Holdbrooks
Kindergarten Teacher

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