Parent Math Night 2016
Fourth Grade Parent Math Night
Posted on 10/31/2016

 Parent Math Night

How many times have you expressed frustrations to your child regarding the math homework that is brought home? Well, if you have a child in grade 4 and you attended Neutra’s first ever “Pizza and Problems Math Night,” then hopefully you won’t have to utter such frustrations quite as much.

On September 15, grade 4 parents from both Akers and Neutra were invited to attend a hands-on informational night held in the MU room at R.J. Neutra Elementary. Approximately 40 parents came together to drink soda, eat delicious pizza, and be tutored in various mathematical practices that their child will be learning this school year.

Mr. Villanueva of Akers Elementary went over tape diagrams and how these simple ways of displaying information can help solve multi-step problems. Mrs. Cunningham was there to teach the parents the importance of Number Talks, and how it is being used in the classroom to help with developing number sense, math reasoning, and various ways to solve and communicate mathematically. Mr. Denney was on hand to illustrate solving both multiplication and division problems using area models, and comparing them to standard algorithms. Also there to help with math concepts and examples were Mrs. Soltero, Mrs. Springer, and Ms. Rhoads, the newest grade 4 teacher at Akers.

The general consensus of the parents was that the Math & Munchies night was a huge success. Most of attendees left the get together with a pretty good idea of what their child would be learning for part of the year, and what the expectations of the teachers are. After an hour of practicing the various math strategies, and learning the “new” vocabulary, a feeling of confidence was evident in the room. In fact, talk had already begun for the next evening of math illumination. Perhaps “Fraction and Fiesta” may soon be right around the corner. Stay tuned.