Attendance Awareness Month
Attendance Awareness Month
Posted on 08/30/2017
Attendance Awareness Month

 September is Attendance Awareness Month!

Help Your Child Succeed Flyer
Help Your Child Succeed Flyer-spanish
Attendance in the Early Grades Flyer
Attendance in the Early Grades Flyer-spanish

Central Union School District is off to a great 2017-18 beginning.  Students are excited about the return to school, and the new school year offers a new beginning for each and everyone.  During the month of September, schools all across the nation spotlight and encourage school attendance.  September is National Attendance Awareness Month.

Whether excused or not, absences add up. The resulting loss of instructional time can be substantial and, for many students, the academic consequences are decidedly negative. Children who are chronically absent in kindergarten and first grade are much less likely to read proficiently by the end of third grade and are more likely to have poor attendance in later grades. By middle and high school, chronic absence is a proven early warning sign that a student will drop out.


The good news is that chronic absence is a problem we can solve. Attendance improves when schools and communities work with families to monitor absences and to identify and address barriers that are keeping students from getting to class. Good attendance is a key to student achievement and well-being.   We all know that the more time students spend in school, the more they learn.   But did you know that school attendance is also a huge factor in encouraging student engagement, inclusion, and overall social emotional well-being?   Our staff at Central Union is invested in your children, we all want to make those great long lasting connections of support for your children, and we know that each child will benefit the most when they attend school regularly.   Therefore, we’d like to partner with you as we focus on school attendance.


You can help us in this partnership by having your child arrive at school on time every day, build a habit of good attendance, establish regular bedtimes and other routines, and avoid vacations while school is in session. 


At the school sites, we will continue our efforts of open communication with you regarding attendance notifications and help to identify at-risk patterns in absenteeism to develop appropriate support strategies to build healthy habits around school attendance early on.  

Together, let’s make every month attendance awareness month!  Our children’s future depends upon a great foundation!