Understanding the CAASPP Student Report
Understanding the CAASPP Student Report
Posted on 08/01/2017
caasppCAASPP Student Report

California public school student in grades three through eleven take part in the state’s standardized assessments. These assessments include a variety of approaches and item types that model and promote high-quality teaching and student learning and set a course to ensure that all California students are well prepared to enter college and careers in today’s competitive global economy.

Understanding the CAASPP Individual Student Report

Spanish Version

Approximately five-minutes in length, this video is an excellent resource for parents and students to help them better understand the 2016–17 Student Score Report, which details the student’s standardized testing results.

CAASPP Parent Guide Gr. 3-5
CAASPP Parent Guide Gr. 6-8

CAASPP Student Score Report Guides are short documents that describe each part of the student score reports. They currently are available in English, with translations coming soon in ten different languages. The CAASPP Student Score Report Guide for the Standards-based Tests in Spanish for Reading/Language Arts in grades two through eleven is now available in English and Spanish.